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Welcome to our awesome M-TECH STORE . If it is your first time visiting the site, feel free to visit our overview page. This will provide you with all the info a first time visitor might want to know.


CCTV Surveys

If you already have a business CCTV system, one of our specialist engineers will attend to your business and give your CCTV system a free health check

IP Solutions

IP CCTV cameras are similar to standard CCTV cameras in features and functions but offer far superior picture quality as they do not transmit their images and sound as analogue signals but as data

Remote Live Monitoring

Remote monitoring – proactive CCTV One type of CCTV technology which stands-up well to scrutiny, under any cost benefit analysis, is remotely monitored

Maintenance & Servicing

Our Focus is Customer Service. MTECH recommends that once your system is installed a regular maintenance program be entered into. Maintenance to any equipment supplied

Special Offer

32-in APPLY NOW!

package include :- (1) DVR 32 Channel (32) indoor camera night vision (32) adapter (64) BNC (1) Remote…

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